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A & B License contractors and Architects and Electrical Engineers: we are hiring qualified teams to finish the construction of the projects. contract to sign up with “Green Energy Global”.

Jos’s scope: Construction preparation of the Groundwork, Drawing, and Electrical work for EV-Charging stations, and on & off-Grid Solar system installations.

Document’s requirement Upload: All licenses, [A, B, and Electric], Copy of the valid Insurance.

Sales and Marketing: We can be anywhere in the world and you can work with your local area network in your area to help to support global warming. We all can make a difference.

Setup up your own store: Coming Soon we will offer you a small franchise for you to expand the mission of green Energy and same time makes some money:

The World Best Revolution Technology “TRUE GREEN” [No chemical, No Heat and No fire battery system].

Sales and Marketing

Setup up your own store

  1. Motorcycle Batteries.

  2. Raksha Batteries.

  3. Golf Cart Batteries.

  4. Forklift Batteries.

  5. Car, Truck, and Businesses Batteries.

  6. Storage System [Home and commercial].

  7. Road Side Assistant Service Rental. Required the small Van

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