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Equity Partners can decide which product and/or the contract they would like to invest in. Our portal is Net Equity profits friendly. Each location identified above is open to Equity Partners. All final loan documents will be signed by the customer directly with our attorney. The original Recording and filling will be completed by our Green Energy Global Inc legal team. Equity Partners will receive the original copies directly from the law firm.

All funds will stay in our Green Energy Global Inc Trust investors account and the investor will be in control of their funds till authorized funding disbursements.

None of the Board members of Green Energy Global Inc will have access to the investor’s funds.

  • Commercial [off-grid and on grid] solar system.
  • Off-Grid solar stations
  • Solar farms
  • Governments projects

Green Energy Global Inc Trust

Green Energy Global Inc

For Emergency


EV Charging Stations

Customer’s data and the contract can be loaded on our [portal], credit approval is required upon request of the project funding. Total Net Equity profits return is 25% of the net profit of the sale on monthly basis. Each contract is specific to the Location.

Graphene Batteries

Small and large all contracts will be loaded on the Net Equity profits portal. Equity Partners can request contract detail once sign up with Green Energy trust. Each Contract is specific to the location.

Extended Warranty Insurance

Small and large contracts for extended insurance will be in the Net Equity profits portal and will be available for Equity Partners. Equity Partners can request contract detail once sign up with Green Energy Global Inc.

Emergency Road Side Assistance

Roadside assistant for all types of EV charging.

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