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Green Energy Global Inc.’s Mission, Vision, and Values are to exceed the energy and sustainability goals of our clients, and our planet.

  • Our Mission
    Green Energy Global Inc.’s mission is to introduce revolutionary new clean green energy technologies, which are chemical and lithium free, and are constructed from all-natural resources. Our Research and Development teams are focused on solving the world’s growing demands for power in a responsible and sustainable way. We will create value as an efficient and trusted sustainability energy source, delivered with passion, expertise, teamwork, and a relentless focus on the planet. Together with our partners we know we will change the world.
  • Our Vision
    Green Energy Global Inc.’s vision is to change how the world is powered and deliver clean energy to everyone on the planet.

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Additional Protection and Features

  • 24X7 online monitoring
  • Remote troubleshooting 24 Hours per day
  • All software updates are free of charge.
  • Five (5) year limited warranty
  • Reporting: Daily, Weekly, and Monthly
  • Examples of limitations to the standard warranty include 3rd party labor, vandalism, abuse, and accidents. Additional insurance can be purchased from Green Energy Global Inc.
  1. To get the most protection from our standard warranty we advise you use our installers and service technicians
  2. 3rd party site preparation is allowed by licensed contractors provided that our engineers inspect the site and complete the unit installation.

For Emergency


System Configuration

  • The Green Energy Global Inc engineering team is available to complete or supervise your installation to help you get the most from our standard warranty.

    We will teach you how to understand the pricing differences between on-peak and off-peak times and how to read the meter. All of our EV charging station come configured with Wi-Fi and our mobile applications work with both Apple and Android phones.

    Our mobile phone applications allow for cash or credit redemption and/or they can roll over to their next vehicle charging as well. Customers can also access details relating to each charge.

Technical Support, Warranties and Additional Insurance

Our technical support teams comprised of expert engineering talent are standing by to assist with our EV and ESS battery systems. Green Energy Global Inc will ensure proper maintenance and an efficient management plan for a comprehensive, turnkey, hassle-free ownership experience supported by our standard 5-year limited warranty. An extended warranty is also available to all our customers.

For Emergency

+1 (888) 463-2634

Green Energy Global Inc’s Promise

  • Our EV charging station maintenance and management programs are superior to our competitors. Warranty covered repairs are quickly addressed with rapid on-site parts and labor.

    Within the first five years should a charging station malfunction due to a manufacturing defect, the Green Energy Team will come to the site to repair or replace the station free of charge.
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